Car Repair

At Kia, we are committed to providing our customers the best after sales experience. The relationship with our customers extends beyond just buying a vehicle to make customers for generations. Accident repairs/motor vehicles insurance claims.


Car Wash

When you own a sleek and modern car like a new Kia, you want to keep it looking like new. A great way to make sure your car looks its best is to keep it polished and clean. Start by carefully cleaning your wheels first and foremost. They are usually the dirtiest, and you don’t want to risk any wheel cleaning agents getting on the rest of your car.


Car Painting

It’s from the ‘genetically modified’ CRISPR painting series where the visual genes — strips sliced from separately made paintings or painted post-cutting — are recombined (interleaved or spliced) to create a new painting. This particular piece has thousands and thousands of individual strips, and was created during an art residency at the Banff Centre.



As designers of movement, with the vision to create sustainable mobility solutions for the consumers, community, and the global society, our purpose at Kia is to deliver innovative products that inspire you when you move and deliver convenient and meaningful services demonstrating our commitment with everyone’s most valuable resource, your time. We were born in a place of inspiration, passion and enthusiasm.

Our mindset of growth and progress vibrates among all of our Kia employees around the world, who are committed to delivering our brand purpose to you every single day.